We will arrange for our driver to deliver a pre-arranged amount of empty polyethylene bags to the school, organisation etc at a day suitable to you.

Our driver will then return on a pre-arranged day (set by yourself) to collect them and load them directly into the van (therefore, no need to find a storage area).

The lorry will then return to our depot and weigh the load on our weighbridge.

A cheque will be forwarded on the 1st of the following month, (i.e. a collection made on the 20th of August would be paid on 1st September)

We will then match 20% of the money you raise and donate it to the The Fire Fighters Charity. More information on the charity is provided here.

By getting involved with our recycling scheme you are helping to reduce landfill, raise funds for your school and generate much needed cash for charity.

For professional advice on our collections you can contact us using details from our contact information page.

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We are gathering recycling photos from dedicated schools and putting them on our website

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