"Thank you for providing us with an opportunity to raise funds for our nursery, we couldn't believe the generosity of the parents and the amount of support that was offered. We raised a huge amount and were able to purchase brand new activity aprons for all the children."

"Knowing that we are also helping a worth while charity is an additional bonus to the scheme. A special thank you to the Robinson Resource team who were very helpful with arrangements and collections."



Youngsters are Recycling for Charity

Nursery children who helped to recycle old clothes and shoes have helped raise money for charity and also paid for new school equipment.

Youngsters from West Lodge Day Nursery, in Desborough, teamed up with Robinsons Resource, which recycles old clothes and helps raise money for The Fire Fighters Charity. The children were given bags by the company to take home and fill with old unused clothes. The company then bought the old items and also made a donation to charity – based on a percentage of what the school receives. Katie Benford, from the charity, said:

"We're very grateful to the school for all the items they brought in.

"We collected 320kg from the school and we paid them £128 for the items.

"they have used the money to pay for some new aprons for the children."

The Desborough company also donated £25.60 to the charity. Treasurer for The Fire Fighters Charity Northamptonshire, Steve Barton, said:

"We are glad to have Robinsons Resource involved to help us raise the importance of recycling and reducing waster along with helping the charity.

"The Fire Fighters Charity helps 13,500 firefighters nationally.

"We have three therapy and recuperation centres in Cumbria, Devon and Sussex and also run a beneficiary support policy which helps firefighters locally and nationally."

Words taken with permission from the Evening Telegraph.

Thank you for making fund raising so easy for us.

Children are forever growing out of clothes and sometimes there is no one else to pass them to.

Our parents are pleased to help us raise money and also to support the Fire Fighters.

We as a PTFA were set a challenge in April, by the Head, to raise £6000 in two years to put markings on the playground and supply play equipment, as well as maintain our support  for the children in helping to pay for coaches, artists or theatre groups to come into school, drinks for sports days etc.

We only have to announce the date and time of the collection and our parents and you do the rest.

Nothing is too much trouble for the man who has picked the clothes up from us and he is always happy to wait for any late commers.

Another bonus is that we don't have to wait long for our money to come through.

Thank you

Frances Claris
Secretary St Gregory's Catholic Primary School PTFA.

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